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Open Letter to the Tokio Marine Holdings Group

Dear Mr. Komiya,

Together we, the undersigned groups, are calling on the Tokio Marine Group to rule out offering insurance for expanding the world’s coal fleet and other destructive fossil fuel projects that will hasten the climate catastrophe and will place communities around the world at the frontlines of increasingly devastating impacts.

There is no excuse for locking us — and the next generation to come — into reliance on the dirtiest and most polluting energy sources, particularly when cheaper and better alternatives such as wind and solar are available. And there is nothing to be gained by undermining international efforts to limit global warming to 1.5C, aligned with the commitments made by our governments to the Paris Climate Accord. The health of our planet and our society depends on taking action now.

It is time for you to join your peers in ending insurance services for new fossil fuel projects, particularly — but not limited to — those projects listed in the annex. Simply studying and reporting on climate-related risks is not a substitute for immediate action. Support for environmentally and socially damaging fossil fuel energy projects being planned worldwide is not only controversial, but it is also fundamentally misaligned with what science demands of us. We must act to phase out fossil fuels immediately.

As the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently stated, “Phasing out coal from the electricity sector is the single most important step to get in line with the 1.5 degrees goal…We can power past coal and have economies that thrive on innovative businesses aligned to what the world is demanding — sustainable development and prosperity for people and planet.”

In light of the urgency at hand, we are calling on the Tokio Marine Group to confirm publicly that your company will not provide any services for expanding, developing or further enabling fossil fuel projects, including but not limited to those indicated in the annex below. We are also calling on Tokio Marine to adopt a policy aligned with the goals of the Paris Agreement, that will rule out insurance services for any new coal, oil and gas expansion projects with immediate effect.

Thank you for your attention. We look forward to your response.

Signed by:

  • 350.og Japan
  • Asian Energy Network, Asia
  • Asian Peoples Movement on Debt and Development, Asia
  • Action for Ecology and People’s Emancipation (AEER), Indonesia
  • Bahamas Reef Environment Educational Foundation, Bahamas
  • Bangladesh Working Group on External Debt, Bangladesh
  • Center for Energy, Ecology and Development, Philippines
  • Coastal Livelihood Environmental Action Network, Bangladesh
  • Environics Trust, India
  • First Peoples Worldwide, USA
  • Friends of the Earth – Japan, Japan
  • Global Catholic Climate Movement, International
  • Green Innovation and Development Centre, Vietnam
  • Growthwatch, India
  • Japan Center for a Sustainable Environment and Society (JACSES), Japan
  • Inclusive Development International (IDI), USA
  • Indian Social Action Forum (INSAF), India
  • Indigenous Environmental Network, USA (Turtle Island)
  • Insure our Future, international
  • Indonesian Forum for the Environment (WALHI), Indonesia
  • Indonesian Forum for the Environment(WALHI) – West Java, Indonesia
  • London Mining Network, UK
  • Market Forces, Australia
  • Oil Change International, USA
  • Our Islands, Our Future Coalition, Bahamas
  • People’s Coalition for the Rights to Water (KRuHA), Indonesia
  • Public Citizen, USA
  • #StopAdani Campaign, Australia
  • #StopEACOP Alliance, International
  • Solutions For Our Climate, Korea
  • The Sunrise Project, Australia
  • Trend Asia, Indonesia
  • Waterkeeper Alliance, USA
  • Waterkeepers Bahamas, Bahamas
  • Waterkeepers Bangladesh, Bangladesh
  • Urgewald, Germany

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