The Problem

Tokio Marine is threatening livelihoods
and vulnerable ecosystems of the world.

Brazil: Offshore Oil Expansion

Tokio Marine is underwriting insurance for controversial Brazilian offshore oil projects, which threaten coastal communities’ livelihoods and some of the world’s most sensitive ecosystems around the Great Amazon Reef. Tokio Marine has been revealed as one of the significant players in this project, supporting 40% of general civil liability and 10% of transport insurance. Read our report for more information.

Asia: KEPCO’s Coal Power Plant Projects

While many of its global peers are withdrawing from coal projects, Tokio Marine continues to underwrite Korea’s national power utility, KEPCO. KEPCO’s coal power plant projects across Asia include Nghi Son 2 in Vietnam, Jawa 9&10 in Indonesia, and most notably, Vung Ang 2 in Vietnam. Tokio Marine is the second largest underwriter of Vung Ang 2, with a $569mn premium. Read our report for more information.

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